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Halfway done!

Ara Fes 9/21 Part 1

I wanted to finish it all in one go, but it's 2:30am and I get to get back on a plane tomorrow and fly to Georgia! D: I'm excited to see Kikka, but man I would really like some down time. @_@
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brb, off to visit [personal profile] aeslis :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
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Recently I've been scouring the internet for good Sailor Moon fanfiction. It has to exist! But so far I've only had mild success. And "mild" is being optimistic. This may also have to do with the fact that I'm in specific looking for Starlights fics.

In the process I stumbled across this:

[livejournal.com profile] sailormoonland

It looks like SO much fun. Someone do this with me pleaaase. ;-;
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This post has been brought to you in all caps by my ridiculous level of excitement at two of my favoritest things coming together. MomoClo, please keep collaborating with all of my other favorite things. If you could just do a Star Trek themed PV and a mega-idol collab song with MM my heart would be full of happy for the rest of ever.
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Answering the question "I'm ugly, can you talk about what I should do?"

"Here is the truth. Whatever notions of beauty you have that leave you to make that comment, those notions of beauty are probably pretty crazy. And even if they aren't crazy, like even let's say like oh it's about lack of facial symmetry or I have all these zits or I have scarring or I'm overweight or whatever it is. Here's the thing, in my opinion. The thing about your body that is really amazing is that it is capable of freaking consciousness. Like it is capable of observing the universe with a complexity that no other organism can even begin to approach, and you are one of a relatively few organisms on a world that is stuffed with life that is capable of experiencing this gift and burden of awareness and interaction and observation and everything that goes along with consciousness. That is a complete freaking miracle, and that is made possible by your body, which is not separate from yourself. And what is beautiful about you - and inarguably beautiful about you - is THAT. That you are capable of awareness, that you are capable of these acts of generosity, that you're capable of language, that you can even communicate the idea 'I am ugly what should I do?' That is a freaking miracle when you think about it, and it should be celebrated. This dichotomy that you may create between having a good personality and being beautiful, that's a false dichotomy. You are both. You are beautiful largely because of your personality which is part of and inseparable from your body."

- John Green
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I am totally procrastinating at work. This is the third day in a row that we've been stuffing envelopes with dues invoices so you might be able to imagine why I'm putting more of it off.

Arashi 30-day challenge

Day 13: A character (or type of character) you would like to see each member play in a drama/movie.

Another one I put way too much thought into )
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One of my favorite things about the drawings Ohno used to do on jweb (which I miss a lot) is that Johnnys always made sure to put their copyright stamp on them.

Hey. Don't use this! This is OUR drawing of a man with a hook on his penis.
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English Words that have very different meanings when being used in Japanese.

I want every single person in some sort of Japan-related fandom to read this and learn how certain things they say on TV in Japan all the time DO NOT mean the same thing in English. I even learned something! I didn't know about スマート. Morning Musume's "12 スマート" album has a new meaning (that makes just as little sense) now xD

I think the second most annoying thing in the whole world is when someone says in English "His tension was so high!!"

(For reference, the number one most annoying thing is lip smacking/loud chewing noises.)
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I started doing this at work when I needed a brief brain break from the busy work I've been doing while my boss is out. Then I was having way too much fun with it and had to stop.

This is your warning that I put WAY too much thought into this question and went well above and beyond the prompt. And I'm the one that wrote the prompt in the first place. 8D

Arashi 30-day Challenge

Day 12: Your ideal concert set list.

This is a bit inspired by one of my other idol loves, Hello! Project. I'll explain more when I get to another one of the prompts, but in short, in recent years H!P has actually been doing multiple set lists per tour. A core set of songs stays the same every show, but a bunch of them change depending on the day. I love seasonal stuff, so I've decided Arashi should have a Summer and Winter set list to fit their recent tours that stretch out over such a long period of time. Of course there also must be a Blu-ray box set, H!P style.

In true H!P style, I gave them absurdly long names with lots of tildes and exclamation points.

嵐コンサートツアー2012年夏〜ファンキーダンスパーティー盛り上げて行こうぜ!!〜 )

嵐コンサートツアー2012〜13年冬〜ミステリアスワンダーランド〜 )

Yup. I spent a stupid amount of time on this, but now I have two AMAZING playlists.
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...but first!

I also have a public blog, Pon Way Days. I'll be posting there about my Japan trip so if you guys are interested please have a look. I'll save the more personal photos for here though so they can hide behind a lock.

Arashi 30-Day Challenge

Day 10: A song you want to see Ohno choreograph and/or dance to and why.

I'd love for him to choreograph Tokei Jikake no Umbrella. It makes me super sad that the song is relegated to being a b-side and therefore has no PV. It makes me super sad that it never gets performed, despite having all the makings to be a great concert song. If Ohno choreographed it I'm sure it would be full of pop-and-lock moves and super hard. Everyone would bitch at him and they'd probably only ever do the dance once and then downgrade it to hand movements (see: Carnival Night Part 2) but that once would be enough. So long as it was on a DVD.

Since I'm so behind...

Day 11: Your all time favorite Arashi variety show, your all time least favorite, and why.

All time favorite is a 3-way tie between D no Arashi, Mago Mago, and Shukudai-kun. I may have to give Shukudai-kun a slight edge, because both D and Mago had awkward starts and Mago lost a lot of steam towards the end when they started doing that awful castle visiting stuff. Shukudai-kun had the luxury of inheriting the legacy of D-G and never had too many growing pains, and it ended SO WELL. It never grew old and tired, it just retired at it's height with a lot of tears. From me.

D no Arashi was amazing because they had so many established segments that were a lot of fun, and they mostly just set up scenarios where the boys could be boys. They laughed, they embarrassed themselves, they got excited, they competed. Both D and Mago gave us a chance to see how the individual members interacted with each other by pairing them off in various combinations. Himitsu isn't as successful with that because the segments just aren't long enough. They don't go on location all day anymore - just a few hours, and they spend half of that time eating and most of the rest really focusing on the guest. In Mago we got an element of human drama. The stories with the grandparents were touching, and we got to see them interact with normal people.

Shukudai-kun took the magic built up in D and G and brought it to a studio environment. Back then the show was still mostly about the boys and instead of doing nothing but be interviewed about themselves, the guests dove right in and did silly stuff along side Arashi. They got to be a little more grown up and cut down on the stress/time of location shoots, but still kept the atmosphere that made the previous shows great.

Least favorite show is by far GRA. What the fuck was that show, it was like a half hour infomercial directed at housewives featuring Arashi looking nice. Kind of. Remember how Nino just didn't shave one time? He was like oh we're filming GRA today? Fuck it. To make it worse, at the time it was really hard to find the damn thing online, and every time an episode looked promising it would be a ghost. You'd hunt that shit down and when you finally found it you discovered it was only interesting for about 8 seconds. Thank god VS came along and saved the day.

...I'm sorry my answer was so long, I'm sure no one cares xD
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So I haven't done a very good job of blogging each day that I'm in Japan, BUT. That's mostly because I'd rather blog with pictures, and so far most of them are on my phone which I didn't bring a cable to transfer from. But so far I've been having an awesome time.

I'm about to leave to meet up with Corina so we can go to her homestay, but I have some random time to waste soo...I need to get back on this!

Arashi 30-Day Challenge

Day 9: Talk about a great fandom experiece or Arashi related experience that you have had.

I have been lucky to have very few bad fandom/Arashi related experiences. I don't feel like narrowing it down to just one, so I'll describe my good experiences more generally xD Yup, I'm cheating on my own meme.

Because of Arashi I've made some really wonderful friends. It obviously takes more than just a shared fandom to become good friends with someone, but because of Arashi I've been exposed to some really wonderful people - people who live no where near me and who I never would have met otherwise.

I also have been fortunate enough to have seen Arashi in concert 5 times. The first Arashi concert I ever went to was their very first set of Dome concerts in 2007, right after they'd come back from Asia, and starting in 2008 all of their tours have been Dome/Kokuritsu-only. Even though I've never had arena seats and I've always seen them in fairly huge venues, I've always had a really awesome time. They make such an effort to make their shows as equally enjoyable as possible for people in any seat in the entire venue. Also, by and large Arashi fans are pretty polite. When I've been to see Morning Musume, the wota are....well. Loud, obnoxious, constantly bumping into you and obscuring your view, and often smelling bad. At my very first Arashi concert, I had gone with friends but our seats weren't together so I was by myself. The girl next to me noticed my Nino uchiwa (she was an Ohno fan) and when his solo came up and was on her side of the stadium, she ushered me to switch with her so I could see better. It was only one seat difference but still, I was astounded by how nice she was to a total stranger (a foreigner no less!).

Ok time to go! More on Japan later xD
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I desparately need some more icons. Anyone have any suggestions for good places to get them? :/

Arashi 30-day Challenge

Day 8: You can take one Arashi member with you on a trip around the world. Who do you take, where do you go, and why?

I'd take Jun to Europe, particularly the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Greece.

Aiba would embarrass me by shouting at everyone and their pets in English. Ohno wouldn't want to do anything but fish. Nino also wouldn't want to do much of anything, and would somehow con me into paying for everything. Sho would bring way too many guide books and bore me to death reading off trivia.

Jun has just the right balance for travel. He's adventurous and enthusiastic, and would probably suggest things I'd never think of. He'd do all the proper research and learn the basic phrases in each language, but wouldn't over-do it Sho style. He at least believes in splitting the bill, but I think I could get him to treat me to a lot because well...everyone else seems to be able to do it! And Jun likes classy stuff like fancy restaurants. Also he'd probably go shopping with me. Shopping and food tend to encompass 90% of my vacations, so this is important.
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Arashi 30-Day Challenge

Day 7: A song you'd like Arashi (and/or a specific member) to cover.

I would absolutely love Nino to tackle some Abe Mao. In a lowered key, of course. In particular, Nasakenai Otoko no Uta.

I also want an Ohno Andalucia ni Akogarete.

And an Aiba PON PON PON.
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First of all, I just want to take a small moment to acknowledge that in Japan, it's March 11. It's been one year since the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. I'm lucky enough to have never experienced something like that first hand, but that also means it's something that's hard to truly grasp. All I can say is that I'm beyond grateful that [personal profile] aeslis and Mage are safe and well today. For those who aren't able to say the same for their family and friends, I can't even imagine their situation. I'm not the praying type, but every day since I've taken a small moment to wish them health, safety, and hope.


I'm behind on my own meme! Shameful. So are some of you, btw =P

Arashi 30 Day Challenge

Day 6: You have the opportunity to give each of the members a birthday present. What do you get them?

For Ohno - A year's supply of idol t-shirts. Since Ohno wears whatever free T-shirts he gets, he might as well get out there and promote all of my favorite under-appreciated groups! Included will be the "I♥ゲーマー" shirt sold by unofficial vendors in Harajuku.

For Sho - My favoritest of books, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I think he'd actually take the time to read it instead of watching the movie first. Also possibly an inspirational book-on-tape on getting over a fear of heights that he could bring with him to VS Arashi in an effort to evoke my rage less often.

For Jun - A bearded dragon. Much like Jun they look spiky and dangerous but when you pet them they're as soft as a puppy. Don't be mistaken though, they're badass and super smart.

For Aiba - One of these. There couldn't possibly be anything cuter than one of these + Aiba.

For Nino - An unlimited access pass to my bed A really nice massage chair. This way he can take better care of himself while still being able to sit around drinking beer and playing video games. Also note that these chairs have a vibrate function, which might come in handy when that guy from earlier who loves gamers comes over.
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Arashi 30-day Challenge

Day 5: A prank you think you could pull off on Nino.

At first I was avoiding this question because I thought I'd made it too hard. Nino is the master, he's always one step ahead. He doesn't spook easi-

And then I realized. He totally does. Nino isn't easily fucked with, but bring out some traditional scary things like bugs and monsters? He's running. The key to a successful prank on Nino is to not overthink it. There does not be an elaborate plot to lure him in and make him believe a fake situation. The key is to go simple.

Set loose a large box of praying mantises in his dressing room. Instant success. So long as they don't eat each other. All females just to be safe.
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My guiltiest of pleasures is America's Next Top Model, but unfortunately I've been slacking. Somehow I missed that a new cycle had started, and it's yet another gimmick. Brits vs. Americans! And for their photoshoot next week, they're going to earn that Vogue Italia spot by dressing up...

as babies. What kind of shit is that? No major agency would ever ask it's stars to -

...Oh. Carry on then models.
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Arashi 30-day Challenge

Day 4: Your favorite and least favorite pairings and why. This does not have to be limited to slash!

Favorites: Ohmiya and Matsuba.

I think Ohmiya is pretty obvious. xD They provide endless fodder and they're just so cute. I have a weakness for cute. I also like their general dynamic, the balance in their personalities.

Matsuba is a pairing that snuck up on me because of an RP. A friend and I had a situation set up where Sakuraba were supposed to get together in the end after a brief Matsuba affair. And then we liked Matsuba so much we messed up Sakuraba instead. I started paying a lot more attention to the pairing and now I enjoy reading Matsuba fanfiction a lot more than Sakuraba xD It's a much more subtle pairing than Ohmiya, but there's something about these two that I think is endearing and again, they have good balance.

Least Favorites: Ohba, Sakumoto and Sakumiya

Ohba & Sakumoto - I don't get these two at all. @_@

Sakumiya - I can understand why this is a popular pairing, but for me personally I just don't feel it. I think the friendship dynamic between these two is very interesting and I love seeing it explored, but as a romantic pairing it falls flat for me.

There are lots more that I like and dislike (mary sues, anyone?) but those are the ones that I gravitate most to and the ones I run from xD


Mar. 4th, 2012 08:48 pm
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Eito Rangers: The Movie.

Edit: That's what I get for stealing someone's link. Didn't realize the actual picture was the size of Texas.
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Arashi 30-Day Challenge

Day 3: You are stranded on a deserted island with Arashi. Who gets eaten first and why?

Actually, I'd probably get eaten first. I weigh more than all of them except maybe Aiba and Jun, but that's only because I'm only 5 feet tall. They have muscle, and I've pretty much just got meat.

But if somehow I got the upper hand, I would have to employ a meat-to-usefulness ratio.

Highest possible score is 5.

Ohno - Meat 1 : Usefulness 5
Ohno is not very meaty, but he seems pretty strong, not afraid of much, and he can fish. Instant survivor. Not to mention the fact that he's good with his hands and could probably weave up a boat out of sticks or something.

Sho - Meat 2.5 : Usefulness 1
Sho is pretty strong, so you'd think maybe he could fend off predators or bludgeon some lizard to death for food, but he'd be too busy running away. All of his skills are academic. What is he going to do, read us off the island?

Aiba - Meat 2 : Usefulness 4
Aiba can sort of cook, so even if he was making mabo palm leaf, he's still a step ahead of me in that department. He's fairly fit and athletic, I could see him climbing some trees to get coconuts. His ability to make friends with all animals may come in handy if he has a strong man to partner with. Aiba will lure the animals into a false sense of security and Jun will do the bludgeoning. Then Aiba will probably cry, but be full.

Nino - Meat 1 : Usefulness 4
You all may argue that Nino deserves a much higher meat ratio, but let's be real. He has a tiny bit of belly fat and the rest of him is a stick. He is not very physically fit or brave against predators, but he has cunning and deviousness. The smart resourceful one always survives.

Jun - Meat 2.5 : Usefulness 5
Jun gets into trouble because he's put on quite a bit of muscle recently, increasing his meat number. However, Jun is brave and would probably be the best hunter/defender. Like Nino, he's resourceful and smart. He's also pretty devious, which puts him in a bit of danger because if I don't eat him first, he may very well sneak up on me in my sleep.

I'll take my chances with Jun and eat Sho. His usefulness numbers are just too low. Sorry man.